Egyptian cotton home textiles


  • Egyptian Cotton™ is a top-quality long-staple fiber that is grown in Egypt. It is grown in the perfect climate and nutritious soil of the Nile Delta, Egyptian Cotton™ is also able to grow to an extra-long length. With greater length comes improved durability and an unparalleled softness. 
  • Although the Egyptian Cotton™ plant derives from Egypt, it is also grown in other countries where the right conditions can be found. The long luxe fibers of Egyptian Cotton™ are stronger than other varieties and more easily spun into thread. 
  • The thread’s continuous length means it is easily woven into strong, lustrous fabric. Despite its international production and reputation, Egyptian Cotton™ still only accounts for 0.5% of the world’s cotton output, which helps to retain its luxury status.


Properties and quality


  • Egyptian Cotton™ is hand-picked while other countries, farmers use machines to cut and process their cotton. This puts unnecessary stress on the fibers and can cause them to tear. Hand-picking also helps to keep the cotton clean, reducing the need for manufacturers to use abrasive and weakening chemicals to whiten the cotton. 
  • Egyptian Cotton™ is made from a high-quality long staple fiber which means it is extremely Soft, Strong, Absorbent and Resistant to stress
  • It is also naturally resistant to pilling and will soften with age, so with the right type of care, Egyptian Cotton™ can last for years (2-5 years depends on how you wash and dry it). 
  • Egyptian Cotton™ is extremely soft to touch. Egyptian Cotton™ products can typically be washed at 40°C. They can be ironed on a high heat and tumble dried on a low heat. (For best results, refer to the care instructions on your Egyptian cotton product.)


Why Egyptian Cotton?


  • Over the last three centuries, Egyptian cotton ™ has won one of Egypt's biggest competitive advantages. With an established reputation as the "best" cotton in the world, with its softness, strength and superior qualities, Egyptian cotton ™ products have been designated as the world's finest.
  • Egyptian cotton ™ has not received such a reputation for no reason. Egyptian cotton ™ "is" the world's finest cotton has its own unique characteristics that distinguishes Egyptian cotton ™ from other natural fibers.
  • Egyptian Cotton™is of superior quality to most of the cotton varieties known in the world concerning all mechanical and technological characteristics.
  • Egyptian Cotton™uniformity is higher than Turkish cotton uniformity including comparable micronaireand staple length values. Due to cellulose uniformity in fibers, Egyptian Cotton™is superior for comfort performance products, such as shirting, bedding and even towels.
  • Egyptian Cotton™strength is almost 50% higher than Greek and Turkish cotton and double that of Indian cotton.
  • Due to superior uniformity and cellulose distribution, Egyptian Cotton™introduces more comfort products, better absorption for dye material, better fabric breath while usage and durable appearance, which cannot be introduced with other varieties for lack of similar mechanical properties of Egyptian Cotton™. 


a dash of natural luxury made of egyptian cotton